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Airline Assignment

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1Brief history of Easyjet3
2Brief history of KLM3
3Marketing Mix (7P’s)4
3.1.1Price List4
3.1.4Payment period5
3.1.5Credit terms5
3.2Product and services6
3.5.2Boarding the plane10
3.5.3Customer support service10
3.6Physical evidence11
3.7.2Managing Board.12
3.7.4Co-creation and C2C14
List of References15


Brief history of EasyJet

EasyJet Airline Company Limited is a British airline with headquarters in London Luton Airport. EasyJet plc is the parent company and is listed in the London Stock Exchange.

The airline was established 1995 by Stelios Haji-loannou, a Greek businessman, operating only two routes connecting Luton (London) with Glasgow and Edinburgh. In 1996 flew its first wholly-owned aircraft to Amsterdam constituting the air-carriers first international route. Due to that EasyJet had not received its Air Operator´s Certificate yet, the airline was operated by Air Foyle´s sister passenger airline (Air Foyle Passenger Airlines) until 1997.

Since its establishment the airline has seen a wide and quick expansion through various acquisitions. EasyJet cover now days 500 routes between 118 different destinations in European, North African and West Asian countries. Along with franchise airline EasyJet Switzerland the airline operates over 180 aircraft and employs around 7000 people.

Brief history of KLM

KLM, often named Royal Dutch Airlines, is settled near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands, and is the oldest airline still operating under its initial name. It was founded 1919, taking place its first flight in 1920 from London to Amsterdam.

KLM has 114 aircrafts in the fleet being four Cargo aircrafts of the type 747. The company employs an estimated amount of 30 000 people.

2004 KLM and Air France constituted a merger airline, Air France-KLM, with headquarters at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is important to mention though that both KLM and Air France still flies under their unique brand names. Air France-KLM is part of the SkyTeam alliance with eleven other air carriers.

Marketing Mix (7P’s)


Price List

In average flying with EasyJet is about 100 Euros cheaper than flying with KLM. EasyJet is one of the largest low-fare airlines in Europe. If you decide for example to fly from Helsinki to Manchester, it will take 300 Euros to travel with KLM, but if you choose EasyJet it will only cost about 110 Euros.


At EasyJet the maximum acceptable weight for each single piece of checked-in hold baggage is 32kg. If checked-in hold baggage exceeds 20kg (subject to the above rule), each passenger will pay an excess baggage charge of 12 Euro per kg.

Said quantity is shown on the ticket and must be taken into account in all cases. Depending on the route flown, the quantity of baggage may be determined either according to weight (“weight concept”) or according to the combined criteria of weight, dimension and number of pieces.


The company has a discount code for different company, if you have got one discount code, you go to book the ticket at a cheap price but they also have different discount trip to some countries.

Taking extra baggage is quick and easy to arrange if you check in online. You can arrange to take your extra baggage with you online for both the weight (30% discount) and piece concepts (20% discount). Enrol in BlueBiz by AIR FRANCE and KLM and earn free flights for your company. With every flight your company makes you earn Blue Credits, which can be redeemed for free flights to any destination in our global network.

Payment period

First you need to select your flight, if you have...
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