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1. Company brief
Sir Stelios Haji-loannou has founded the EasyJet Airline Company Limited in 1995. Its theory might affect the perception of air travel with the vision of building a customer focused brand. Due to the research, (EasyJet.com 2011) has noticed that over 600 routes across more than 30 countries have been functioned. Over 8000 employees are working for the company which contain 2000 pilots and 4500 cabin crew. More than 29 million passengers carried by the largest airline company EasyJet in the UK. It is corporates with 44 out of Europe’s 50 largest airports. Apparently, it could become one of the largest short-haul airline listed company. “Our aim is to make travel easy and affordable for all our passengers.” EasyJet’s chief executive said (BBC 2012).

2. Values and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
Safety, pioneering, one team, passion, integrity and simplicity are the values of EasyJet that have been posted on their website (EasyJet 2012). Corporate Social Responsibility
1) Foremost responsibility is towards the safety of all of our people, customers and staff. both on ground and on-board our aircraft. 2) Communication with customers and our people across all our European operations. 3) claim to having one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets around to helping a greener future for European aviation 4) Charity

EasyJet has been joined the partnership with UNICEF. The world’s leading organisation for children. Change for good is the programme name. EasyJet has created the bridge between customers and children. 3. The Political Environment

(1) Expotel Scottish Government get signs fares deal from easyJet Due to a...
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