Marketing M1

Topics: Brand, Logo, Brand management Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: March 10, 2013
(M1) (Marketing) By: Mohammed Ahmed I am going to compare two of marketing techniques used in marketing product in two organisations ( Apple & McDonalds).

Branding :
Apple's branding:The brand of Apple used to compete across several hightly competitive markets of phones and computers. The company started using the Apple logo in 1976 and the brand was printed on each product of this company so this logo became on of the most noticeable things about this product.

McDonalds Fast Food Company : The brand of this organisation became one of the most noticeable things. This brand is a yellow M on a red background so this logo became a premium statue symbol in the 1968 and since that time this logo has become a way that people can obviously spot any McDonalds resturant.

The record shows that people prefer to pay for branded products and services than unbarnded products so the brand helps both organisations to get more customers.

Branding helps the two organisations advertise easily as they are both recognised worldwide with a good statues. The risk of Branding strategy of Both organisations :
Apple company : If Apple try to change the brand of their product the customers will the think about if the quality will be the same as before or different and some customers will stop buying any of Apple's Products so that's mean the brand is very important part of this organisation.

McDonalds : The brand of McDonald is the most imprtant part of the business so if McDonalds decides to change or add anything to the logo people will find it difficult to recognise McDonald's resturants.

Growth strategy :
(Product Development)
Apple company : Apple company developing their products by launching new phones and tablets with wider screens and adding lots of programs such as educational programs, software and itunes. The development of this organisation helped them to...
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