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1. The assignment must be type –written.
2. The front page of the assignment must indicate the name of the students, student card number, course name & code, group, date of submission and lecturer’s name. 3. The assignment carries 15%.
4. Plagiarism is a serious offence and strictly prohibited. Should this occurs, the assignment is not acceptable and the student may be denied marks for their works. 5. There must be at least THREE (3) references from different sources. 6. Marks will be deducted for late submission. Your date of submission is on or before 20th May 2013.


i) Font: Arial
ii) Size: 12
iii) Spacing: 1.5
iv) Paragraph: Justified

Answer FIVE (5) questions only.

Question 1
Discuss the law making process in Malaysia.

Question 2
Ahmad and Bakar are neighbours. Ahmad has to work out-station for one month. While he was away, his house caught fire. Ahmad’s family has no where to go. Bakar being a good neighbour has offered shelter and foods to Ahmad’s family. When Ahmad came back from his out-station trip, his wife told him all the good deeds that Bakar has done to them. Ahmad is very grateful and promised Bakar to pay Bakar RM1,000.00 for the foods and lodging for the past weeks. It has been one month, but Bakar is yet to receive RM1000.00 from Ahmad. When asked by Bakar, Ahmad just keeps quiet. Advise Bakar whether he is entitled to RM1000.00 as promised by Ahmad?

Question 3
Zahid owns one unit of condominium in Malacca. One day Jackie offered Zahid RM1000.00 per month to rent his condominium ‘as long as she lives in this world’. Advise Zahid on the legality of the contract.

Question 4
James is a bright student who scores 10 As in his SPM exam which he took in year 1998. He was offered a JPA scholarship worth RM500,000.00 to study medicine in...
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