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Topics: Interview, Structured interview, Marketing research Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: February 10, 2008

We have conducted a short interview with the manager of a KFC outlet in Kajang and recorded the interview in a form of CD. The CD would be submitted along with the assignment copies. Moving on, there are many types of market research techniques that can be used to collect information on level of satisfaction towards KFC's "Jom Jimat Menu". However, here we only state the two major types of market research techniques that are asked for, as well as two advantages, and disadvantages for each technique.

The first type is personal interview. Personal interview is when individuals collect information by face-to-face contact in an interview. It is a two-way conversation between the interviewer and the respondent (interviewee). One of the advantages is that there is an opportunity for feedback. Why? Because the interviewer is able to reassure that the conversation including the respondent's answers would be strictly private and confidential. Also, because the interviewer could clarify any doubts or difficulties that the respondents could have with the questions asked or instructions given. The second advantage is that the interviewer is able to probe for complex answers. What is ‘probing' you ask? The term ‘probing' or ‘probe' is the verbal prompts that are made by interviewers when the respondent is encouraged or motivated to communicate his/her answer more completely, or fully. This is used to get respondents to enlarge on, clarify, or explain their answers in more detail or in a better way that the interviewers can understand. For example; when we interviewed Mr. Khairuddin, the manager of KFC at Kajang, we asked him their target market for the Jom Jimat Menu was. He answered that their target market was teenagers. So we ‘probed' him by asking "Why were their target market for teenagers?" However, if there are advantages, there are surely disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is interviewer influence. The difference of interviewers may be...
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