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Huggies IMC Campaign

IMC Campaign
Huggies biodegradable “Enviros” Nappy Pants
Tom Naughtin, Eleanore Kiffer, James Tammesild, Ventsislav Stoev

Huggies IMC Campaign

IMC Campaign
Huggies biodegradable “Enviros” Nappy Pants

Internal analysis:
Kimberley Clark
Kimberly Clark is a multi-national corporation that provides basic essentials in health care and personal supplies for those of all ages. Kimberly Clark generates over 1 billion dollars annually within the Australian and New Zealand economy. They are one of top 300 companies in Australia, and employ 1871 employees. Huggies is one of the leading subsidiaries for Kimberly Clark. Huggies falls under the ‘tissues and other paper product manufacturing’ sector for which Kimberley Clark holds a 31.5% total market share. The tissue and paper products sector’s sales grew by 2.8% over the five years to 2010, which was an improvement compared with the revenue growth of 1.6% for the industry as a whole.

Industry Statistics |
Industry Size 2010/2011 $ million | 2,963 |
Industry Turnover Growth Rate 2010/2011 | -3.50 |
Industry Concentration Level | Medium |
Estimated Kimberly-Clark Pacific Holdings Market Share (%) | 31.50 | Number of Enterprises in Industry | 164 |

Huggies continue to remain one of the leading suppliers of children’s diapers, and have covered the nappy market spectrum as they offer nappies in various shapes and sizes; from waterproof swimming nappies, to extra-dry night nappies. They ensure that their research is updated and relative to parents today, and that they continually improve their existing product. One of the advantages of Huggies is that they hold 68% market share in the diapers industry. Due to the rapid evolution of marketing communication strategies, companies are forced to update their marketing schemes, and target their audiences in the most effective and efficient way. Huggies have continued to position themselves strongly within the traditional forms of advertising as well as commencing online strategies including parenting blogs, websites and social media platforms. Their successful advertising campaigns have been based primarily on capturing consumer’s maternal emotions. These campaigns, coupled with Huggies dominance in the market, have led to Huggies maintaining a strong brand equity and trust among customers. In addition to this, Huggies ensures they are supporting the Australian economy, employing Australian workers who produce their products domestically. Apart from Huggies, Kimberly Clark owns another subsidiary in this market segment, which is known as Snugglers. This is beneficial for Kimberly Clark as a company as they are receiving revenue from two separate brands in the same industry. Weaknesses

Within the company, Huggies values their customers and provides a membership to the Huggies Club, which provides forums, special offers and a place to ask questions for those unsure. However there have been some negative connotations within the media about the use of imported nappies from the US. There was a stage where Huggies were low on supplies, and began importing resources from the US, however this caused considerable backlash from loyal Huggies customers, claiming that they choose to spend money on Huggies because of the quality of their products, however had noticed the change in supplies and were not happy. Although this was only for a short period of time, customers were not satisfied with the use of exported products as once the product were taken out of their original country, the structural and physical integrity of the product was compromised due to shipping conditions. Due to these comments posted on the Huggies forum, customers were forced to change products. Many claimed that the brand used at ALDI called the Mia range were cheaper in price and superior in quality. In terms of profitability, Kimberly Clark found it difficult to maintain their rocketing success...
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