Marketing Caselet on the London Zoo: Gorilla Kingdom

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Post-Graduation Diploma in Management: I
Kirloskar Institue Of Advance Management Studies,

SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Prof. Satish Irde Nitish Pratap Singh Roll No – 67 Section – B Batch - 14

Q .Which tools and media would you use to attract visitors to see Gorilla Kingdom?

First I would like to say something about the actual gorilla kingdom that the ZSL London zoo has created to boost the animal diversity that it is having. Gorilla kingdom is a new product offering by the zoo authorities in which not only gorilla but the scenic beauty of the area also in which it has been conceptualised is an eye catching sort of thing. Here follows the description of gorilla kingdom, “The Island that will form the gorillas’ outdoor space is a beautiful green oasis boasting a cave, heated rocks, a hill that provides a perfect gorilla vantage point and a scene-setting waterfall that cascades through the gorillas’ home and the public area. African style plants will give the gorillas extra food to munch on if they want and trees and ropes offer a stimulating climbing environment. The gorillas’ indoor day gym includes ropes to swing on, climbing walls all around and nesting baskets high up for them to snooze in.” Now coming to the important features of Gorilla that the ZSL London Zoo can highlight:- * It is showcasing an endangered species.

* Gorilla is very intelligent animal.
* They show emotions.
* The Gorilla Kingdom has been...
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