Marketing Audit Report

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Marketing Audit Report ____________________________________________________________


Cover Page


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Marketing Audit Report ____________________________________________________________


Executive Summary

Because many surprises occur during the implementation of marketing plans, the marketing department must practice constant marketing control. Marketing control

involves evaluating the results of marketing strategies and plans and taking corrective action to ensure that objectives are attained.

The objective of this paper is to conduct a marketing audit of e-cofueling Company in relation to the production of ethanol.

The findings of the marketing audit revealed that the problem with using ethanol as fuel in a large-scale way comes down to two primary, related issues: • • There is not nearly as much energy in ethanol as there is in gasoline. Creating significant amounts of energy from food crops would deplete the amount of land available for growing actual food for people to eat.


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Marketing Audit Report ____________________________________________________________



DESCRIPTION 1.0 Introduction



Brief Overview of Company


Environmental Scan


PESTEL Analysis


Customer Analysis


Competitor Analysis


Stakeholder Analysis


SWOT Analysis


Conclusion and Recommendation References


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Marketing Audit Report ____________________________________________________________

____________ 1.0 Introduction

Management first sets specific marketing goals. It then measures performance in the marketplace and evaluates the causes of any difference between expected and actual performance. Finally, management takes corrective action to close the gaps between its goals and its performance. This may require changing the action program or even changing the goals. Basically it involves four steps as shown below: Set Goals Measure Performance Evaluate Performance Take Corrective action What do we want to achieve?

What do we want to achieve?

What is happening?

What do we want to achieve?

The control process

Operating control involves checking ongoing performance against the annual plan and taking corrective action when necessary. Its purpose is to ensure that the company achieves the sales, profits and other goals set out in its annual plan. It also involves determining the profitability of different products, territories, markets and channels. Strategic control involves looking at whether the company’s basic strategies are well matched to its opportunities. Marketing strategies and programs can quickly become outdated, and each company should periodically reassess its overall approach to the marketplace. A major tool for such strategic control is a marketing audit.

The marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodic examination of a company’s environment, objectives, strategies and activities to determine problem areas and opportunities. The objective of a marketing audit is to provide good input for a plan of action to improve the company’s marketing performance (Kotler and Keller, 2006). The aim of this paper is to conduct a marketing audit on E-cofueling Company. ____________________________________________________________

____________ Ashwin S. 4

Marketing Audit Report ____________________________________________________________



Brief Overview of Company

E-cofueling is a Brisbane-based company which develops and commercialises the ethanol co-fueling (EXD) technology and related Diesel engine efficiency and emissions technologies....
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