Marketing and Qantas

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Marketing Audit, Planning and New Strategy4
SWOT Analysis5
Qantas Macro Environment6
Qantas - Micro Environment7
Marketing Research and Intelligence8
Market Segmentation8
Market Positioning9
Buyer Behavior10
Author Biography12

IntroductionQantas is recognized as the world's leading long distance airways, established in Queensland in 1920, being the second oldest airlines of the world. Today, the airways provide flight services across a network of 182 destinations in 44 countries covering all over the world with approximately 35,700 employees with 93 per cent of them based within Australia. The Qantas group also offers subsidiary businesses such as budget airlines, Jetstar, and other businesses in specialist services: Qantas Catering and Qantas Holidays (Qantas, 2010). “Our vision is to be one of Australia’s great businesses and among the world’s great airline groups” says Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce”Qantas principles are “safety as our first priority, comply with laws and regulations, treat people with respect, act with honesty and integrity, upholding ethical standards, environmental sustainability” and the Group Behaviors are underpinned by business unit level values which reflect the unique culture and brands of Qantas and Jetstar are Safety, Service, Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity. Moreover, Qantas supports better connections with its customers and people thru the sharing the values: * Cares; * Is forward thinking; * Has wisdom of experience; and * Represents the best of contemporary Australia.

Marketing Audit, Planning and New StrategyThe marketing activities of auditing and planning are required to develop strategies for the organization. In strategy development, marketing exercises aim to clearly identify the issues that are critical to the organization’s position (role, function and purpose), and “define the path to an end” so as to achieve the organization’s purpose. The corporate strategic plan is the master plan that provides the guidance about the organization’s future direction and objectives. The link between auditing, planning and corporate strategy is that by auditing, allowing an understanding of the organization’s position of “where it is now?”, Qantas can identify particular consumer wants and needs. Planning, clarifying the question “how can we get there?”, then involves devising strategies that meet or satisfy those needs with the organization’s strengths and resources. Qantas needs to undertake marketing planning for a number of reasons: * increased competitiveness in the airline industry and the inherent complexity of markets; * increased speed of technological changes and their relevance to customer wants and needs, and the way in which the organization provides for them; * the need to identify sources of competitive advantage and customer value creation; * ensuring the plans are integrated and consistent across other (non-marketing) elements of the organization The marketing audit considers both internal and external influences on marketing planning, as well as a review of the plan itself. Tools used to evaluate marketing performance of Qantas are SWOT analysis for the internal & external environment and PEST and Five Forces analysis mainly for external.SWOT Analysis | Positive| Negative| Internal| STRENGTHSStrong corporate imageFrequent Flyer ProgramExcellent customer serviceCorporate social responsibility| WEAKNESSESEmployees’ relationshipDependence on single marketSpiraling costs| | | |

External| OPPORTUNITIESOpen Skies AgreementAsia-Pacific potential marketUtilization new technologyStrategic Alliance| THREATSExcessive competitionAviation Security issueShortage of pilots and...
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