Marketing and Gardenia

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2.1 Product Strategy
Product Classification
The Gardenia main product is the Gardenia Sandwich Bread which contains high protein flour and enriched with essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and various minerals. It is zero Transat and cholesterol free white bread. The Gardenia Bread is classified as consumer products under product classification since the breads are product that bought by ultimate consumers for personal consumption (Kurtz and Boone, 2012).

Gardenia product is a convenient product categorized under consumer products, as bread is goods that consumers bought frequently, immediately and with minimal effort. For example, there are many purchase locations for customers to grab the Gardenia bread. All of the Gardenia Bread will place on the shelves itself which located in every convenience shop such as 7-eleven, hypermarket, grocery and our own vending machine in Singapore. The vending machines enable to boost the sales of the product as well as ensure that the product is readily available for every customer at anywhere and anytime. Besides that, consumers will make the purchase decision immediately when buying the Gardenia Bread because it is a frequently purchase items that consumers very familiar with. It is considered as normal goods with a lower selling price than luxury goods such as car, house, and computer. The risk of buying bread is very low and the differences between the Gardenia Bread and its competitors are very small so that the consumer will not spend much time in the decision making process The reason that consumers will select the bread of Gardenia brand rather than its competitors because it had earned a well-respected reputation in the bread industry. Brand Positioning

Gardenia Bakeries successes to become the market leader in the bread industry within four years time because it keeps increase the brand position in the industry by emphasizing the quality and superior taste of the bread. Gardenia’s slogan “So good you can even eat it on its own” is a hit of the consumer, we will only provide the freshness, tasty as well as enriched with nutritious bread. On November 2008, a team that composes of three licensed Nutritionist- Dietitians had been set up by Gardenia Bakeries which name Nutrition & Wellness team (Nutrition & wellness, 2003). We keep promoting nutrition, health and wellness bread as well as provided useful nutrition and health information to the customers. In order to make sure only the freshest bread will reach for their customer’s hand; Gardenia will start their baking process at night and delivered it immediately. Besides, they will pay more attention on the packaging process to ensure that the bread was sliced and wrapped carefully to prevent the mold growth. Brand Development

A good name is one of the important elements of a product’s success. The brand name “Gardenia” not only easy to pronounce but also easy to remember and recognize by the consumers. The reason is because the name of “Gardenia” is one of the famous flower that growth in mid- spring weather. Throughout the year, Gardenia brand name slowly comes into the mind of their customer. When anyone hears “Gardenia”, it has only come with a good smell, fell soft, freshly baked, and consist full of nutrition breads. In additional, the name of Gardenia’s is distinctive as well as could differentiate its bread clearly from other brands such as High-5 and Mighty White bread. Gardenia is the best brand name that provided correct connotation of the product’s image. As similar as the significance of Gardenia flowers, Gardenia connotes white and smelly to promote their bread. Gardenia bakeries had implemented the brand development strategy to develop our brand by offering number of product lines which called line extension. In year 1986, Gardenia rolled first loaf of bread in its product lines. To satisfy our customer demands they keep...
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