Marketing and Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water Industry

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Marketing & Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water

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Marketing & Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water

We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Garima Gupta who guided us throughout the execution of this project and who always provided us with his valuable insights on how to do a marketing research project both inside and outside the classroom. We would also like to thank the consumers who took time out to fill up our survey and provided us with deep consumer behavior patterns. Of course it is not possible to name them individually but their contribution is valued by us. And last but not least we thank our mentor Ms Pallavi Sinha who was there for us throughout the successful completion of project, who guided us and provided us with valuable suggestions.

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Marketing & Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water

Acknowledgement Abstract Literature Review Objective of the project Introduction i. ii. iii. iv. v. About Packaged Drinking Water Industry Growth & Progress over the years Market Rulers Raw Materials Process of Manufacturing

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SWOT Analysis of Packaged Drinking Water Industry i. ii. iii. iv. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Research Methodology Research Design Data Collection Survey Analysis of Customer Responses

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Marketing & Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water

User Preferred Brands Segmentation, Target and Positioning A Brief Introduction to each product: 4P Analysis i. ii. iii. Conclusion References Bibo Bisleri Evian

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Marketing & Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water

We did our research with the aim of finding the marketing and distribution consumer preferences in the packaged drinking water industry in India. We studied in detail about the Indian packaged drinking water industry, its origin, growth and current scenario. A SWOT analysis has been carried out on packaged drinking water industry also. To get the consumer preferences, we conducted a market survey among different parts of India. From the responses, we analyzed that there is significant difference in user preference among branded water and local brands, owing to the factors like cost, awareness, ease of access etc. Moreover from our study we understood that there are significant differences between the various players, how they are positioning themselves in the market, what all marketing strategies they are employed etc. So in detail we studied about 3 brands, one the most preferred brand, turned out to be Bisleri, one, the most preferred local brand, turned out to be Bibo and the last, the most preferred luxury brand, turned out to be Evian. We did STP as well as 4P analyses for these 3 brands as well. And as conclusion we analyzed in detail what all barriers that a local player is facing when entering into the packaged drinking water industry.

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Marketing & Distribution of Packaged Drinking Water

1) BOTTLED & SOLD: THE STORY BEHIND OUR OBSESSION WITH BOTTLED WATER Peter H. Gleick, Washington, DC: Covelo/London: Island Press, 2011.

The book disciplinary boundaries and treat water problems from multiple physical, social, political perspectives. A hydrologist, a legal scholar, and an anthropology specialist combine their expertise in their highly engaging treatment of the past, present, and uncertain future of the Rio Grande. The book Bottled and Sold moves easily from the physical to social aspects of the growing problem of bottled water. Another characteristic is that the intended audiences of the book need not have any previous knowledge about water resources, although their contents are also instructive to specialists. The three books are also similar in their overall high quality and commitment to innovation and change in the substance and process of water resources decisions. Focus Method...
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