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Topics: Carbon dioxide, Bottled water, Water supply Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Brief Summary

In 1993 David Gilmour founded FIJI water. Extracting artesian water filtered from volcanic rock from the Yaqara Range of the Nakauvadra Mountains. In this pristine location with little, if any, pollution. Gilmour guaranteed the water of “highest purity”. What started as channeling water through a pipe to be bottled soon became a 110,000 sq. ft. State of the art Bottling plant selling more than 50 million cases not only to the U.S.A. but all over the world.


As FIJI water became bigger they realized the cost of shipping globally was expensive. They soon began to look for ways to cut costs through employees, outsourcing materials, and even escaping taxes. This was brought to the attention of FIJI Government as well the entire global public. This analysis will answer the 5 major questions the public may have about FIJI water.

Was Fiji water ethical and socially responsible in marketing and why should they be concerned about CSR and sustainability?

What is sustainability? According to the wikipedia dictionary sustainability is the capacity to endure. In the case of FIJI water it is to not only increase profits but to manage their responsiblity in the environment,, society, and in the global economy. To be socially responsible is to recognize the surrounding society and be acountable for your{FIJI water} action.FIJI water has been under scrutiny for removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it puts into it. Fiji water is accused of greenwashing, claims that its water products are carbon negative. FIJI water has also been accused of being unethical with the FIJI government and natives because of tax increases on exports. The Newport Trial Group claims that it is not leaving a carbon footprint on the Island of FIJI or the environment. FIJI water is not a carbon negative company. Fiji water however, claims to be one of the only carbon negative bottled water companies in the market.

What factors contributed to the marketing...
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