Marketing Analysis of Apple Inc.

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Introduction and Company Background Our group chose Apple as our product because it is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Apple is considered the top-selling brand of electronic gadgets and is well-known for their excellent customer service. Apple makes use of different types of marketing strategies, such as television commercials, newspaper, magazines and official online website to promote their products.

Apple is a multinational corporation that designs and sells electronic gadgets and software. Apple electronic gadgets include the iPhone, iPad, iPod family, iMac, MacBook’s like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini [Smallest desktop in the world], Mac Pro [CPU]. Apple software includes the MAC OS X operating system, ITunes media browser where you can listen or play videos in it, Aperture a professional photography software, iWORK, another alternative for Microsoft office in Mac OS, Final Cut Studio which is a suite of professional audio and film industry software products, Logic Studio for music production, lastly, the IOS which is an operating system for iPhone. For Apple to become a successful company is its innovation. They are creative in every product that they created. Apple also encourages creativity among workers. They make full use of their marketing strategies to boost the sales of their products which makes them always the number one seller in the electronic gadgets industry. Apple knows their product well, being able to promote it to their customers and eventually getting them to be interested in it. Apple also set their target audience and they target it well, for example, a MacBook Air, people can simply parallel the laptop which allows them to use both the Mac OS platform as well as the Windows platform, this is one of the advantages of MacBook. It has a very sleek and thin design which is light and not a burden for consumers to bring it around. For example, in the laptop/desktop series of apple, they have different applications for people to make music, making graphic designs which actually make it easier for consumers who are in the music or design industry. Not only this, the new OS that that apple has recently introduced, Lion OS, allows people to multi-task easily and saving the data so that consumers would not need to afraid of their data is gone if their laptop has went out of battery which shows that Apple has utilized their marketing strategies which brought them to where they are today, leading us to choose Apple as our research target.

Survey Research
Research Objectives
* To find out the popularity of Apple iPhone among Singaporeans of various ages * To find out if Apple iPhone is the most used phone in Singapore * To find out what improvements Apple iPhone need

* To find out whether Apple iPhone is good based on consumers opinions Approach, Contact method and sampling plan
For this project, we have surveyed 50 people in Singapore from all age range. We surveyed them through survey forms online and through hardcopy by approaching them in school and outside school.

Population – All Singaporeans’ opinions
Sample – The opinions of the 50 people surveyed

Attached at the back of report is a sample of the survey form.

Marketing Mix (4Ps)
Three levels of product (good/service)
1. Core benefit
Core benefit is defined as what the customer is really buying as a form of problem-solving benefits/services. In this case, Apple iPhone’s core benefit is that consumers buy it for communication and for connecting with the world.

2. Actual product
Actual product consists of the brand name, features, design, packaging and quality level. For Apple (according to the latest iPhone 4s),
* Brand name : Apple(iPhone)
* Features : 8 Megapixel Back Camera, Capacity of either 16GB/32GB/64GB, Height of 115.2mm, Width of 58.6mm, Depth of 9.3mm, Weight of 140 grams, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology,...
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