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"We define our role as creators of synergies between logistical, commercial and industrial services that cut across our international supply chain." Overview
Brief History
WEBCOR Group was founded in the west-central portion of Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1978 by Mr. Ali Nesr. The company’s business revolves around the importation and distribution of food and non-food commodities. WEBCOR has created a pioneering approach of executing business transactions in Africa through carrying out a complete value delivery network that would lead to creating and capturing value from end-users via high quality output. The company has witnessed a substantial growth since it was first established, setting off within a nationalized range and subsequently attaining multinational recognition. The latter has been achieved by coordinating and integrating global activities in Europe, South America, and Asia through manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Business Type and Operating Segments

WEBCOR Group is a multinational corporation that sources, produces, markets and distributes soft commodities such as coffee, sugar, wheat, soybean and many others. In addition, the firm deals with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as food, toiletries, soft drinks, disposable diapers and so on, along with building materials. WEBCOR is the holding company of several physical distribution firms including AngoAlissar, Comercio, WeMarket, Lara and Riblata, involved in the allocation of goods and services set by WEBCOR and other international companies such as Unilever and PepsiCo.

Organizational Structure

Due to the relative size of the corporation, illustrating an exhaustive organizational chart is practically unfeasible. Nevertheless, a considerably condensed chart would include a hierarchical system as follows:

The marketing department is centralized in Lebanon and comprises four members: Dima Sharaffedine (Marketing...
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