Market Share of Apollo Tires

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  • Published : May 13, 2011
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“Market Share of Apollo Tyres in Passenger car radial

In Varanasi area ”



Under the supervision ofUnder the guidance of:

Mr.Shashank SharmaMr.Bipin Singh
District Manager MBA Faculty Submitted by:

Anand Jaiswal

MBA 3rd Sem (2009-10)

B.B.S. Institute Of Management Studies
Greater Noida

In this project I have studied “Market Share of Apollo tyres in passenger car radial in Varanasi area.’’ Apollo tyres are manufactured by Apollo tyres ltd. In this competitive era of marketing where the satisfaction of customers towards the product has become first priority. It is very important to analyse the customers’ behavior. Every company determines the price of its products, sales promotion etc. according to the market requirement. Direct marketing is one of the effective medium sales promotion because it is directly related to customers. With the help of direct marketing company enhances its brand image. Without putting customers on top, no company can get success. To get success every company should target customers because market is totally customer oriented.

This project report evaluates the position of Apollo tyres in Varanasi market and the role of direct & indirect marketing. Finally I have given some views and suggestion to the company for its market strategy.


In spite of the theoretical knowledge gained through classroom study, a person is incomplete if not subjected to practical exposure of real corporate world .He may have to face hurdles, which will be difficult to overcome without any first-hand experience of business.

In this context, research program has been designed to make the person aware of happenings of the real business world. The project entitled “Market share of Apollo tyres in passenger car radial in Varanasi area’’ with special reference to Apollo, has been done at Varanasi as a completion part of M.B.A program.

In our summer training, we worked upon the analysis of Apollo tyres fitment in Varanasi by the fitment survey, customer attitude, and dealer preference through the personal contact, interview and questionnaire . During my summer training, I got an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and meaningful concept to actual business condition and to familiarize with the marketing activities of the products . All the works done on this project report is confined to my broad objective.


At the successful completion of our summer training at APOLLO TYRES LIMITED at VARANASI . We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Mr. Shasank Sharma and all the staff members of APOLLO TYRES LIMITED at VARANASI, for the guidance , support and help, without which the completions of this project was not possible.

Equally , we are also grateful to Dr. S .K. Mishra (Coordinator of M.B.A. Programme, BBSIMS), for his valuable guidance and support. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our M.B.A. teachers, who were the source of inspiration and motivation all through the program.

Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the members of Apollo Tyres Ltd. and...
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