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  • Published : November 13, 2010
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Problems of the Chinese Education System
With the development of times, every country pays great attention to education. The education systems in different countries are always changing, because they need to improve their systems so that students can learn knowledge well and contribute their ability to the society. The Chinese education system is also changing, but some problems exist, such as a large number of examinations, and the heavy burden.

The first problem of Chinese education system is a large number of exams, which lead to other problems. In China, it is widely believed that the aim of study is preparing for various exams, such as midterm examinations, final exams, entrance examinations for high school and university. Even though, parents still send their children to school. Because of being tired of examinations, students cheat in exams frequently. Examination is to test students’ abilities of mastering knowledge, but via cheating to pass the exams violates the purpose of examinations. Moreover, briberies also happen, especially in the entrance exams for high school and university. Some rich parents give teachers or presidents money to help their children pass the exam and enter a school with high quality. In annual entrance exam for university, several briberies and cheat are reported to the public. To sum up, students are tools of examinations in Chinese education system.

In addition to exam, the heavy burden on students’ shoulders is a serious problem as well. There are nine subjects for high school students; also every subject has much work to finish. What’s more, students have to recite considerable texts and poems during their Chinese study. Generally, they just recite them instead of understanding. The burden results in losing interest and ability of studying and creative skills. Because Chinese students study in classrooms all the time, their practice spirit is weaker than foreign students. It is difficult to develop their social ability...
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