Marke Survey on Relience Mutual Fund

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STUDY Reliance mutual Fund
a) Executive Summary
b) Objectives
c) Research Design
1. Type of study
2. Source of Data
3. Data Collection Mode
d) Sampling
e) Data Analysis
f) Findings
g) Leanings from survey
h) Future Direction
i) Bibliography

Executive summery
The Present market survey report is a partial fulfillment of PGDM and as a part of Curriculum. This is an attempt to determine and analyze the perception of customer of Reliance Mutual fund .

The study deals with understanding of mutual fund and analysis. During my survey, I got the opportunity to understand the concept of mutual fund , various AMC (Asset management company) issuing various Mutual Fund according to the needs of the investors. During my survey, I came to know important regulations of SEBI for mutual fund operations.

Survey deals with the perception of people about the RELIANCE MUTUAL FUNDS , To get the best result I have studied about the different type of mutual funds like open ended scheme, close ended scheme , interval scheme , growth scheme , income scheme , balanced scheme ,money market scheme .and then after conducted survey to get the best outcomes. I have taken the sample of 50 respondents in the EAST DELHI who are the customer of this RELIENCE MUTUAL FUND

During the survey, I made an endeavor to understand the awareness of mutual funds among the various classes of investors. The data collected mainly through questionnaire and also from various sites of Reliance mutual funds etc. the data analyzed and recommendation is given on the basis of the conclusions.      

* To study about the mutual funds
* To study about the customer perception about the reliance mutual fund * To study the various schemes offered by reliance mutual funds * To study the risk and return on the schemes.

The above survey was undertaken at the RELIANCE MUTUAL FUND at PREETVIHAR (EAST DELHI), where the questionares were got filled from the 50 respondents. On the basis of the above study done in PREET VIHAR, the analysis has been made and findings & suggestions are submitted.

Research Methodology
Research Design :
Exploratory Research.

Sampling Design:
Probability sampling- Random sampling

Sample Size:
50 Customers

Data Collection:
Data is collected from various customers through Questionnaire. I met customers of standard chartered bank who were visiting to bank so I got questionnaire filled up from them.


I have collected primary data for the report. The mode of collecting data is Questionnaire. I have chosen primary data collection because my involvement is high and also I got chance to interact with customers of “reliance mutual fund”. There are 2 types of sampling techniques like non-probability sampling and Probability sampling. In Non probability sampling the samples is taken without random. Researcher chooses the sample according to his personal judgement.It may yield good estimates of the population characteristic. In Probability Sampling technique, sample is selected randomly.

I have used Random sampling which is the part of Probability sampling technique.

Data analysis and Interpretation
I have done a market survey on Reliance mutal Fund. I have surveyed 50 customers of Preet vihar branch, who came to Reliance mutual Fund. I had little discussion with the customers who filled up the questionnaire about the location convenience and services of the Bank. All the analysis and its interpretations are discussed below. Each of the analysis and interpretation is done as per the information obtained from the customers.

1.In which sector you prefer to invest money?
Table 1
Sector| % of respondent|
Govt. sector| 40|
Private sector| 60|...
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