Mariang Makiling

Topics: Mount Makiling, Maria Makiling, Calamba City Pages: 5 (1752 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Topic: Existence of Maria Makiling
Thesis Statement: The belief in the existence of Maria Makiling has negative effects. Problem Questions:
1. What drives the people to believe in the existence of maria Makiling? 2. How do the people live in accordance with their belief in Maria Makiling? 3. Does their belief in the existence of Maria Makiling have negative effects? How? Scope and Limitations:

This study concentrates on the negative effects on the people’s belief in the existence of Maria Makiling. The study will be conducted in Barangay Tuntungin-Putho Los Baños, Laguna and Jamboree Campsite in Los Baños, Laguna. The study includes interviews with the residents residing near the target area. The study seeks to know the effects of their belief regarding Maria Makiling’s existence. Because of various experiences of the residents, the study aims to look on both positive and negative effects. The choice of respondents is only restricted to the residents near the target area, Tuntungin-Putho and Jamboree Campsite to be specific. The respondents are those who have experiences regarding the presence of Maria Makiling. Significance of the Study:

The study regarding the existence of Maria Makiling can inform and change the point of view of the readers regarding the study. Due to various experiences and stories passed through generation to generation, this study aims to help the readers understand both sides of the issue regarding the positive and negative effects of their belief in the existence of Maria Makiling. With sufficient resources, this goal can be achieved by interviewing the residents near the target area. This study also aims to investigate more of Maria Makiling’s existence. In this way, Maria Makiling will be more recognized and known generally. The reader will benefit from this study through having better understanding of her existence.

Our study focuses on the negative effects of the people’s belief in the existence of Maria Makiling. The respondents that were chosen to be interviewed were the people at the foot of mount Makiling, particularly from Tuntungin- Putho and Jamboree Campsite. The important thing about this study is to know their outlook upon the said topic. The experiences of the respondents were very much contributed on our study. In this way, we have based and calculated the percentage of people who believes and who did not believes in Maria Makiling. Other than this, the main of this study is to discern the negative effects of our topic to their lives. Review of related literature:

It was said that Maria Makiling was a daughter of Dayang Makiling and Gat Panahon. It was her custom to go to the market specifically at Talipapa. One day, a piece of animal skin with fine hair caught Maria and Gat Dula, ruler of the kingdom of Bay, attention. This was the start of their friendship. Maria’s parents got angry because of loving a mortal and she was forbidden down to earth. Even Gat Dula and Maria could no longer meet physically, their love endured. Unfortunately, Gat Dula’s inability to see Maria caused him to fall ill and die. Maria asked the gods to give her the soul of Gat Dula and her request was granted. (

Maria Makiling was a young woman who lived on the beautiful mountain that separates the provinces of Laguna and Tayabas. Some say her home was a beautiful palace. According to eyewitnesses, she was a young woman, tall and graceful with big black eyes and long and abundant hair. Her color was a clear pure brown, the kayumangging kaligatan, as the Tagalogs say. Generally, everyone loved and respected her and no one ever dared to question her, to follow, or to watch her. Her favorable time for appearing, it is said, was after a storm. When she passed, everything will be renewed and all traces of the unchained elements were wiped away. When the poor country folk on the slopes of Makiling needed clothing or jewels for the...
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