In the Time of Butterflies

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Sign: Maria Teresa’s Little Book
When Maria Teresa first receives her little book she addresses the fact that she now has a soul. She is concerned for it, and Maria Teresa expects changes in the coming times. It’s interesting that she now believes that she has a soul, because she writes about everything in her first little book, spilling her soul into it. Maria Teresa isn’t quite sure what it means to have a soul, and she is scared that her soul may end up like the one in the families picture of a valentine with measles. Maria Teresa writes in her little book and her soul becomes exactly as Minerva told her, a deep longing that she can never fill up. Maria Teresa writes her resolves in the little book, and she becomes more of who she is in the future, she is becoming more mature. Becoming more mature for a young woman includes life changing changes, and in her little book, Maria Teresa writes about how Minerva describes the cycle that will soon enter into Maria Teresa’s life. Minerva also explains what happens when a woman gets married, Maria Teresa hopes a new way is found before she gets married. Maria Teresa is beginning to notice the grown-up world around her, and she is taking notes in her little book. She goes shopping for the holidays and gets her first pair of heels, and she sees how her sister behaves and she tries to emulate. In her little book, Maria Teresa writes about her growing understanding of politics. She describes situations that she doesn’t yet understand, and how strange they seem to her. Maria Teresa also describes the fear she feels when she sees a police officer, or when she hears a siren. Maria Teresa is beginning to understand the fear that her whole country lives under on the daily level when a girl from her school goes missing and federal police look around her school for signs of the missing girl, Maria Teresa knows the girl is hiding in the school and Maria feels scared for her. Maria Teresa meets her older sister Minerva’s friend...
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