World Religions Report on Catholicism Hum/130

Religious conversion, Last Supper, Confirmation

World Religions Report on Catholicism
By Sally Navarro

This paper is to inform the reader about the religion called Catholicism. This religion had spanned the trials and tribulations of time, and been throughout history as the only religion held sacred to the followers of this faith. The following will be told about the religion that I have found from a believer/follower of this faith. I will tell you about the interviewer, the interview site, what the interview contains. Also, I will be writing about how this religion compares and contrasts to the religion of my faith, which is Christianity. Catholic Mass

The mass I went to was very interesting. In this because, upon entering the Sanctuary, there is the Holy Water well, that the faithful dip, their fingers into, and make a cross motion on their forehead. The Holy Water is for the faithful in remembrance of their baptism, and rejects Satan. The faithful answer to several Hail Mary prayers before the start of the service; they prep their hearts and minds for mass. Throughout the service, there was constant standing, sitting, and kneeling while the Priest prepared the sacrament, or the Eucharist, commonly called communion of the last supper. During this ritual, there were members of the congregation that assisted with the body of Christ, and the Blood of Christ, in dispensing them to other members of this parish.

At the beginning of the mass, the altar boys and girls accompany the Priest into the sanctuary, where the altar boy is carrying a crucifix, the Priest is behind him, and there is the person carrying the bible, holding it in the air. For every ritual the Catholics have, there seems to be a prayer for that ritual. In the constant standing and sitting and kneeling, Father Weibel called this “Catholic Calisthenics,” (Father Weibel, St. Wendelin Catholic Parish 2009). The Priest opens his sermon with a joke, followed by a brief sermon about Jesus and his love for us. The entire mass...
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