Many Factor Can Interfere with an Effective Transition to Undergraduate Student Life

Topics: Academia, Personality psychology, Management Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: April 11, 2008
The transition to becoming an undergraduate student will vary from student to student. Factors that may affect and possibly trouble one student may have much less significance to another. Despite this, there are still common factors, which can be seen to affect the majority of students and test their ability to cope effectively with the transition to undergraduate student life. These factors could be external. For example, a student who has moved away from home may have difficulty navigating successfully in their new surroundings. On the other hand, internal factors can also affect the transition process. For instance, personality type will affect how quickly one may begin interacting with others. We would expect an introvert person not to make friends or be as confident around new people as a student with an extrovert personality.

The first challenge that the majority of students have to undertake when becoming an undergraduate is long term. Homesickness is evident in many students. Not necessarily missing family but friends as well. In addition to this, one has had to leave behind a familiar place. A place that many people may have lived for all of their lives, therefore, the change in surroundings could possibly be overwhelming, making it difficult to adjust to student life. Furthermore, when leaving behind a place for some students they may be leaving behind a partner. Long-term relationships are then a factor when moving away and also the idea that you or your partner will meet someone else. This is another factor, which is extremely important when becoming a student. In a new place you therefore meet new people. New friendships must be formed and trust placed in these. Students react differently to being put in accommodation with between two and over ten more people. Some will relish the idea and begin making friendships as soon as they arrive. However, for others this may be found hard, especially for typically quiet, shy and reserved people. These...
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