College Life Is About Making Adjustments

Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: December 6, 2011
How to Live With a Roommate
College life is all about making adjustments. It’s your first time getting away from home from your family, and you’re going out into the real world with people you’ve never met before. Having a roommate can be one of the best experiences of college, but it could also be one of your worst. A roommate is supposed to be someone you can get along with and confide in, they should become as close as your family. Getting adjusted to living with someone you don’t know can be one of the biggest adaptations of your life yet. When living with a person you don’t know for a year, you’re going to have to develop a relationship with them. In order for that to happen, you’re going to have to talk to them whether you want to or not. In doing this, it will take a lot of understanding and compromise.

You should get to know your roommate very well and you should be able to trust that person. Your roommate should be one of the closest people you know at the school because you see that person on a regular daily basis. It’s important to see whether you and the roommate have any common interests. Sports, video games and hobbies, all spark various interests that you two may have together. It also gives you and them something to do outside of the dorm room and that’s important as well. Common interests give you all something to talk about. If there was a sports game on T.V you could both watch it together and converse about it and the outcome. Besides all of the surface interests, it’s equally important to find out about their personal life also. See how they were raised and how close they are to their family. In that, you can see the type of person he or she is and what their morals are. All of these factors help build a strong relationship with the person you will be staying with for the duration of the year.

Living with somebody is all about compromise. Resident Assistant for Smith Hall, Zechariah, said “In order for you to build up a relationship...
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