Academic Performance and Living Arrangement

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Lit Review

Students all across the world have to make a decision before they come to the university of their choosing. The decision is where they want their living situation to be; is it going to be on or off campus. Yes, the students are able to make the change to their living situation down the road, but the first place you live is important because it is the first stepping stone in your college life.

The two main options for your living situation are to live on campus in the dorms or to live off campus in a house, apartment, or another place of your choosing. When you live in the dorms your first year, you are going to meet lots of people depending on how much you put yourself out there. If you stay in your room the entire time, you are not going to meet anybody and you are not going to have a good time. By living off campus your first year, you are only going to meet people in your classes which will be easy if you are a social butterfly, but hard if you do not really talk to people. Most freshman live on campus because they want to meet new people and their parents want them too. As they progress through the years as a student, they are going to meet new people who may want to live off campus with them.

By students living on campus, it gives them a better opportunity for social support, resources, and integration into the campus community which gives them an advantage over students who live off campus. When you live on campus, they really try to get you to interact with your peers which will increase your social support.

A problem that arises for students living situation is that they sometimes do not have a choice to where they live. For some people, parents make they child live on or off campus depending on the money situations. For others, some may want to live on campus, but there is not enough housing for everyone to live on campus. Yes, the schools should make sure that they have enough housing for the students that have the desire...
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