Manila and Rizal

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Rizal Essay
Even if this great man lived a century and a half ago, his teachings and the ideals he embodied are still alive today. In fact, there is a little bit of Jose Rizal in everyone if you only take a close look. He would probably squander his fortunes by now, because he loves women, and he is probably working as on OFW maybe as a Mercenary for a private military company abroad. Or he immigrated to Spain and worked as a Physician... And enjoys the weekend at the beach with his girlfriends, or he could have been Public Enemy number one for speaking the truth against the corrupt Religious establishments and Philippine Government. Much of Rizal’s greatness has been downplayed over the years. Most people only know of Dr. Rizal as the writer of two Filipino literary pieces that are studied in high school. He appears on the humble one peso coin. Hundreds gather at Rizal Park, even if not to remember our national hero, then to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon. However, people may wonder how a man born 150 years ago can be considered relevant in today’s times. The Philippines is no longer under Spanish Rule, and there’s no revolution going on. Filipinos are still being oppressed by debilitating poverty. The country’s resources are being raped. While we declare ourselves to be a democracy, there is no authentic freedom from the bondage of poverty, illiteracy, corruption and the manipulation of the masses. Or maybe other people would think of him as an ordinary person just like you and me. He is not going to be our national hero if he were alive today. But knowing the capability of Rizal he might just be one of the Philippines prominent personality like.Casino.Abalos.Fernando etc...Also in the politics because Rizal is a known speaker and a critics of the government then. But didn't you notice that is why Rizal was born in those time and age for him to be somebody else. He wasn't put to be in these time & age. Why? Because his talent and his ability will be...
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