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Topics: Philippine Revolution, Philippines, José Rizal Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: November 18, 2012
PARADOXES AND CONTROVERSIES IN THE LIFE OF DR. JOSE P. RIZAL Paradoxes are statements which are true but seem to be false, absurd, and contradictory. Controversies are disputable claims which are neither true or untrue unless they are proven by empirical facts and are founded on logic. 1. AMERICA’S CHOICE

Jose Rizal is the Philippine national hero purportedly believed to be an American-sponsored hero who was chosen by the Americans because of his non-revolutionary ideology. 2. THE KATIPUNEROS’ CHOICE

While the Americans found him non-revolutionary, Jose Rizal was associated with the Katipunan as their honorary president and was therefore considered as the soul of the Philippine Revolution. 3. RIZAL FOR THE ELITE AND BONIFACIO FOR THE MASSES

Jose Rizal belonged to an upper middle class family and was an ilustrado who spent many years in Europe. He was, therefore, perceived to be a leader of the elites while Andres Bonifacio as the hero of the masses. 4. RIZAL’S ALLEGED ALIENATION FROM HIS PEOPLE AND FROM THE FILIPINO CULTURE.

Rizal spent the best time of his adult life studying abroad. In his travels, he was exposed to different cultures, met learned men and devoted his time in books. Back in the Philippines, his stay was too short and for his last years in the country, he was kept away from his social and political endeavors in the urban areas. 5. ATTEMPTS TO REPLACE JOSE RIZAL AS NATIONAL HERO

As a national hero, Jose Rizal has all the desirable qualities of a great moral leader. Despite all of these, there have been attempts at replacing him with other heroes every now and then.

Ironically, the early biographers of Jose Rizal were written by foreigners. The first biographer was a Spanish named Wenceslao Retana in1907, followed by American biographers, namely: Austin Craig in 1913, Charles Russel in 1923 and Frank Laubach in 1936 and an Anglo-Saxon Austin Coates in 1968. In 1981, Spanish Jose Varon Fernandez...
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