Mandatory Retirement Is It Plausible

Topics: Retirement, Pension, Aging Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Mandatory Retirement at 65, Is it Plausible?

An Annotated Bibliography

Larry F. Rieck

Yukon College

Mandatory Retirement at 65, Is it Plausible?

: An Annotated Bibliography

Campbell. C. (2007, February). What’s the magic in 65? Maclean's, 38-39 This article is about a struggle of an Air Canada pilot forced (by Air Canada) to retire at 60 years of age. How human rights violations, regarding age discrimination and employment are different from mandatory retirement with the court system. The reading gives facts on how retirement pensions came about, and relation of life expectancies to pensions. Fitzgerald, L., & Casey, J. (March-April 2007). Working overtime: mandatory retirement in Canada. Law Now, 31, 4. p.7(3).  This periodical describes decisions made by Provincial, Territorial, and Federal Governments, and how they are affecting mandatory retirement. How human rights, and the Charter of Rights is foremost in lawsuits from the Provincial level up to the Supreme Court of Canada. The availability of Pension funds, savings, and will affect decisions for retirement.

Ontario to End Mandatory Retirement. (2005, June). CAUT Bulletin,52(6), A2. Retrieved September 28, 2010, from CBCA Education. (Document ID: 861130011). This document states how Ontario is introducing legislation to eliminate mandatory retirement, even though, the Ontario Human rights code does not look after workers from age prejudice for employment purposes. With pension plans, and personal saving at all time lows, a majority of Canadians cannot afford to retire. Baby Boomers are to retire in 2011, and how retirement will influence the economy. Scoffield, H. (2010, July12). Tories mull eliminating mandatory retirement. Kamloops Daily News, A.1. This newspaper article discusses growing Canadian demographics, and how the Conservatives are considering abolishing mandatory retirement age. Conservatives are looking at current policies, to include...
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