Mandatory National Service

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Cody Zoork
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Mandatory National Service
Conscription is the mandatory enlistment of individuals in service, usually military or civil. The modern implementation of a national conscription dates back to the French Revolution of 1790. While many countries have done away with this antiquated system, some have made adaptation s to it and still practice some form of it in their military operations. Mandatory civil service in the army usually begins at the age of twenty for most capable, able bodied Swiss men. In Israel, conscription begins at the age of eighteen for all Israeli citizens,, and can last anywhere from two to three years. For the United States the “draft” as it is called, ended in 1973 after Vietnam and the nation converted into an All-volunteer military. Forty years later, man Americans feel that mandatory service, whether military, as above mentioned, or non-military, would greatly benefit our country.

Mandatory national service is a hot topic and always one of debate and controversy when mentioned. There is no general opinion on the matter, and it seems that while some cling to the hope of a reinstatement of a military draft, others refuse to even give thought to the concept. The truth is that there are many pros and cons on both sides of the argument.

One benefit of mandatory military enlistment would be a very expansive and unified national army. Several world powers conquered various territories and dominated large countries due to their enormous armies, obtained through mandatory enlistment. While the time of “divide and conquer” have been abated, a fully quipped army is one of the leading factors in Switzerland’s ever neutral and peaceful state. At the same time, a massive military force in the hands of the wrong national leader could become a world crisis. For example, consider the Holocaust, one of the greatest tragedies of mankind, when a horrific dictator slaughtered thousands of...
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