Manchester Dbq Ap Euro

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Industry, Manufacturing Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: August 23, 2012
During the nineteenth century, Manchester became one of the most industrialized cities in the world. Although the industrialization of Manchester was very efficient and successful for the modernization of man, the city’s growth also raised many issues in society. The growth of the city had negative and positive effects. Although the huge population growth in Manchester in the 1800s, delighted many people, for they though this had led to advances in manufacturing and other industries-the increase caused a multiple of other issues. Some of the issues included, problems with sanitation, home and family life, and industrialization. But fortunately, there were many reformers working to bring about change and bring justice where needed. The growth of Manchester included a growth in population which brought advances in manufacturing and gave rise to several positive reactions throughout England. For example, according to Thomas B Macaulay, a liberal Member of Parliament and Historian, the manufacturing system increased the national wealth and thus people were better fed, clothed, and even lived longer (Doc.3) (Document 3 however, is biased because it was written by Thomas B, Macaulay, and as a member of the high class in England, the growth in population gave him profit. ) This idea is supported in Document 10, as it mentions that the increased salaries and “improved working conditions” were all due to the manufacturing industry. Manchester is described as the “Workshop of the World” with an energetic and spirited population (Doc. 9). This document, though, because it is a business directory, it by nature, exaggerates the prosperity of businesses and the economic aspect of situation. The biggest outcome that occurred from the industrialization of Manchester was the sanitary conditions. Because of the foul matter, more people were dying then those fighting in wars. All this uncleanness , and terrible ventilation caused the population to not have a well-rounded...
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