Industrial Revolution Dbq

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Industrial Revolution DBQ

In the late 1700’s, the Industrial Revolution began in England creating both positive and negative effects on both the economic and social life of the people in England. The results of these effects have been taken in by numerous perspectives such as people who worked in factories, the factory owners themselves, the government and others who have witnessed the conditions in the cities at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

For many children, the Industrial Revolution had a negative impact on their lives. The children who had to work did not have a say in whether they wanted to or not. Since children were working about 16 hours a day, they were unable to attend school to get any education at all (Document 1). Because they were unable to go to school, they were never taught how to write (Document 1). Some children who did work in the factories were fortunate enough to learn how to read from family members at home such as parents, or older siblings. In most factories where children were found, they were beaten if they did not follow directions or if they have done something wrong. From all of the horrible working conditions, children were permanently damaged for the rest of their lives (Document 2). Due to standing the entire time they were working their muscles would stop functioning properly and their bodies couldn’t support the weight of their bones (Document 2). Many children have died working in the factories because they would get cut and then develop an infection (Document 2). Other times children have been caught in the machine and had their bones broken and their flesh ripped and children working with them would try and rescue them and get injured in the process (Document 2). This all occurred because the shaft to the machine was not covered (Document 2). Children were also being told that they would soon die because of the dust that would fill the air in the factories, being overworked and having an...
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