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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Touring car racing, Laborer Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: March 12, 2013
STEP| DOCUMENTS| Key bullet point phrases from each document in group that support your thesis.| GROUP 1 TITLE:Negative| 7,6,4,11, 2| Doc 7 talks about how workers lack clothing, food, furniture, and bed. This protester also talks how people don’t appreciate the people who physically and morally work.Doc 6 talks about how the laborers have diseases caused by animal carcass and vegetable substances and how the adult population is short-lived, reckless, and intemperate.Doc 4 talks about people are shouting about the the corn law and how they don’t want it, because they are starving.Doc11 talks about shows very dark pictures of factories everywhere and just not a happy feeling towards the pictureDoc 2 shows how Manchester is just blackened with black smoke, and just too packed together and how wretches to their work instead of prayers.| GROUP 2 TITLE:Positive| 10,9, 1, 3| Doc 1 was showing how industrialization increased the area of development which is positive because it brought in more work.Doc 10 was positive it talks about how the condition of workers have improved and that working hours have been less, but get this it also talks about in the document of there is a lavish provision of public parks, baths, and free libraries which shows the happiness, the culture, and the health. It also talks about how sickness has reduced.Doc9 talks about Manchester shows incredible and attractive futures to others and also it talks about how its enterprising the spirit of the population.Doc 3 because it talks about how people are better lodged, fed, and better clothed.| GROUP 3 TITLE:In the middle| 5, and 8| Doc 5 talks how the filthy sewers are just flowing with gold and how a civilized man is turned back into a savage. So they are rich but they do it in a filthy wayDoc 8 shows the difference in the average year in death and show how laborers are easily dying but shows how the rich are living more. So this shows that the rich are living good but the poor are...
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