Mananging Staff

Topics: Health care, Need, Costs Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Managing Staff
Managers have a lot of roles that they must play when they are running an organization. They are responsible for all the staff and even the financial aspect of the company. They have to be accountable for direct and indirect costs. (Baker & Baker, , 2011 In order to run a successful organization you must be aware of the needs of the company from accounting all the way to staffing. This can become a problem especially in the health care field where there is a lot of spending and there is a lot of staff needed. Managers have a lot on their shoulders because many things change on a daily basis. They always have to deal with staffing issues and issues where the money is just not adding up.

Cost is something that is often tied to staffing because in the health care industry you need to have enough staff to cover so many different shifts. Cost is tied to staffing in the books and records through a subsidiary journal and record book (Baker & Baker, , 2011. This journal lists the employee’s hours that they worked. It usually includes the regular and overtime hours, the hourly rate, base pay, and overtime premiums will be on there as well. When managers are hiring they need to take into consideration cost and how they can be more effective when it comes to hiring staff. The manager must first analyze their needs when hiring. ("Hire Smart: Staffing Strategically For Cost Effectiveness", n.d.). If you are hiring for a full time position then you need to take into account the workload through the year. This is often hard to analyze in the health care field because the workload changes all the time. The manager must also take into account the vacations and the anticipated overtime that may occur so staffing can be adjusted. You also must determine how many hours you have available to pay a person. This generally can be determined by looking at the current staff that you have and calculating how many hours they currently work and seeing what you...
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