Managing People in Organizations Assignment 2011

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Master of Business Administration International Programme Managing People in Organizations ASSIGNMENT OCTOBER 2010 – SEPTEMBER 2011

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Karim Saied Ibrahim Mahmoud El Sisi

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Figure Eli Lilly Logo Lilly Saudi Hierarchy The Needs Model Game Plan Diagnose your competency Developmental Phase Questionnaire Developmental Phase Questionnaire Developmental Phases Curve Leadership Styles Leadership Styles Assigned to Different Developmental Phases Types of Power (Points of Power) Questions to adjust SMART Goals and Developmental Phases One on One conversation sheet


The success of any organization is depending on a lot of factors, but the most important factor is the management. Management is like the maestro of the musical band. Can you imagine band without maestro, like company without management. So in recent decades, all the organizations start to recognize the importance of management. So there are a lot of books and studies investigate the importing of management and the type of management.

What is the management
According to According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals”. Management is a very common term, it is not related to business or organization only, but it is related to all aspects of our life like political, culture, and social. The role of management is to organize, and direct all activities and effort towards the objectives and goals of the organization.

Importance of management
1. It helps in achieving group goals:  There are a lot of departments and factors in any organization that contribute in the production process, but all these factors works individual, like employee effort, resource of the organization, financial department, and equipments. The main role of the management is to set a frame for all those factors to integrate them in one process. This process leads in the end to the main objective of the organization.

2. Optimum utilization of resources:  Good management provides best use of all organization resources human, raw material, or equipments. There are different methods can be conducted to use the scare resource, and all these methods 4

result in different output. Good management knows how to utilize these resources and which method to use to achieve optimum utilization of resources. 3. Reduce cost:  By applying good management the organization can gets maximum output by minimum input. Also good management helps to provide best use of all resource of the organization, which will result in reduction of the total cost. 4. Establishes sound organization:  Develop and set clear career structure that shows duties and obligations of each individual toward the organization. That will help in conducting the business smooth and set authority & responsibility relationship. 5. Establishes equilibrium:  Business in always dynamic not stagnant and everyday there is something new. So to cope with these changes, organization has to have flexible management that can makes changes and adopt easily and quickly. So one of the objectives of management is to work against external and...
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