Managing Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Egalitarianism Pages: 27 (9292 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Managing Diversity|
Sexual Orientation in the Workplace|

I am looking at what managing diversity is about, why and when it emerged and what problems and issues it is supposed to address. I will be investigating into sexual orientation in the workplace and will be looking through history at when employment became equal and what the perceptions are like at current. |

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Diversity| 3|
Managing diversity and the concept| 3|
Trade unions and diversity, and the role| 3-4|
Sexual orientation in the workplace| 4-6|
Bias in organisations| 6|
Bridging the gap in the workplace| 6|
Conclusion| 7|
Bibliography | 8-9|

“Diversity refers to the differences, similarities, and related tensions that exist in any mixture. Note especially that the term includes differences and similarities. Diversity is not limited to issues of race and gender, nor is it confined to the workforce” (Roosevelt, 2006, p11). According to Philomena (1996) Diversity and the tension that comes with it has existed in our country since the beginning and have led to many events in history including many wars which have been caused by different views and morals. It has also led to much discrimination in the workplace because there is not just one way of doing things. There is indirect discrimination which is equal treatment in equal circumstances, but under unequal social conditions and there is direct discrimination which is unequal treatment in equal circumstances under racially unequal social conditions. There are many factors that have led to an increased awareness of diversity including that of a changing society. According to Stockdale and Crosby (2005) demographic changes are widespread resulting in a rapidly shifting workforce. With changes in the economy leading to globalization there has therefore been an increase in jobs in the service sector and decreasing amount of employment in manufacturing. This meaning the whole perception of work functions has changed. Diversity has not always been apparent in the workplace in the UK it has been apparent thorough history that discrimination began long ago when women and those of different ethnic backgrounds were railroaded into low-skilled, low-wage jobs. The benefits however of having a diverse workforce are substantial and time changing issues are being seen from different viewpoints. Managing diversity the concept

According to Stockdale and Crosby (2005) managing diversity is “The purposeful use of processes and strategies that make these differences among people into an asset rather than a liability for the organization”. We talk about ‘managing diversity’ as a business-oriented catch phrase for employer-led initiatives designed to value workplace diversity, and which is more worried with utility than justice. Managing diversity in the workplace is becoming more thought after due to people working in organisations being different. They are increasingly likely to be different such as gender, age, religion, sexuality, cultural background, race and ethnicity. Even though everyone in a workplace should be treated equally this does not always translate to being treated the same. The ability that managers are able to mange diversity will impact not just on work issues but also on compassion to customers’ needs, legal compliance, business’ ethical issues, profitability and social unity. According to Stockdale and Crosby (2005) the Business Case fundamentally states that good diversity management leads to increased profitability for a business. A diverse workforce is one way to increase creativity and innovation which will therefore result in lower costs to the business in terms of grievances, lawsuits employee turnover, and ineffectiveness due to poor communication and dissatisfaction. To sum up ‘managing diversity’ it is the responsibility of everyone in the business. The mangers are in charge of dealing with ‘diversity issues’ that impact...
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