Project Implicit

Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Bisexuality Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Project Implicit: Attitudes and Beliefs
Nicole Deirdre Vahai
Walden University
Application Week 2: Attitudes and Beliefs
Project Implicit: Attitudes and Beliefs
This application paper will discuss how the self-assessment tool provided by Project Implicit (n.d.) provides an opportunity to look at the degree of bias I how about bout various diverse populations. As suggested by Dermer, S. B., Smith, S. D., & Barto, K. K. (2010) correctly identify prejudice is an important first step in overcoming it in society and in counseling. I participated in two studies of populations involving diversity. The first was about preference between other people and Arab Muslims and the second was about my more positive implicit attitudes toward gay people (Project Implicit, n.d.). This application paper assignment will briefly summarize the results of the assessment and explain the insights I gained based on my assessment of the results and the impact on the delivery of counseling techniques. I will be specific and use examples to support my explanations. Brief summary

In my two self-assessments one concluded I had little or no automatic preferences between Other People and Arab Muslims and the other self-assessment I showed a moderate preference for Gay Men compared to Straight People. My data suggest a slight preference for Straight People compared to Gay People. Insights based on my assessments

I think the insights I learned based on my self-assessments are pretty clear. I was raised in an abusive household growing up and didn’t feel safe around straight men. I then married two rather abusive men and have had a number of partners that seemed perfectly safe, but were later abusive or lied and cheated. I don’t much trust my choice in men or the men who are attracted to me. I trust men who are attracted to other men. Perhaps, I extend this lack of trust to gay women as well, as a fear that gay women might also be abusive to other gay women. I have heard this...
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