Manager of the 21st Century

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Who is a manager of the 21st century?

I think that this question is complicated, and each of us, who wants to become a professional manager, has to clear up, who is a manager of the 21st century.

Well, lets ask ourselves Who is a manager?
— A person who is able to organize? Right, but this is not a full definition… — A person who is able to manage? Right, but again, this is not a full definition…

I think that manager is a person who are able to organize, manage, control, but the most important think is that, manager have to inspire people to work, maybe some charges can be boring and routine, but manager has to fire flame in subordinate's souls to work on company's goals and mission. New paradigm of management shows us that manager has to be a leader, leadership is very important in the management of 21st century. Use you personal charisma in order to inspire, use you expertise to make you colleagues follow you and that is it! I think it is not easy as in seems to be, but you should train yourself to become a real leader and never give up. As Peter Drucker said: "Manage yourself and then your company" I absolutely agree that manager of the 21st century has to manage himself on 100%.

Always train yourself – that is mean study as much as you can. There is 100% correlation between you success in studying with your success in your career. First, you have to get a high-quality business education in international level business school. Management of the 21st century is international and multinational: transnational companies, globalization. Then, learn foreign languages (two as minimum) and cross-cultural differences in order to communicate with you partners, and colleagues. Of course, you have to be aware of all changes: you have to have new actual information about situation in the world, economy - watch news, read special management newspapers, magazines, take part in the seminars, trainings. Information getting today is much more...
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