Manager Interview for Management

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  • Published : January 21, 2011
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Submitted By:
NAME: M Tayyab Saqib Reg.No: L1F10MBAM2121

Section: E
Subject: Introduction To Management

Submission Date: 18-01-2011
Submitted To:
Prof. Aniqa Rehman

Three Digital Pictures:



Manager Introduction:
Name: Imran Shehzad
Designation: General Manager
Department: I.T
Organization Name: Iqra Inc.
Years of Experience: Five Years
Career Objective: To improve the Quran reading skills into new born Muslims.

Introduction to Organization:
Name of Organization: Iqra Inc.
Year of Establishment: Jan. 2000
Main Business (Product/Service): Quran and Tajveed
Reference Website:
Organization Type: (Multinational)
Organizational Head Office: U.S.A
Any Other Information (optimal):

Meet the Manager
My Job: To organize staff regarding I.T and Holy Quran services.
Best Part of My Job: To provide best services of Holy Quran to new born Muslims.
Worst Part of My Job: Nothing
Best Management Advice Ever Received: Customer is king.

Answers of Questions By Manager:
1. Do you think efficiency initiative that watch employees are ethical?
2. What are the skills that are important for a manager?
Because the managers are an...
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