Case Study #1 Supervisor Interview

Topics: Employment, 21st century, Team Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Case Study #1 Supervisor Interview

Case Study #1 Supervisor Interview
LaKoya Jones
Wilmington University

The supervisors that I interviewed are Lisa Humphrey and Shonetesha Quail. They are both supervisors for Verizon Communications. Lisa Humphrey has been with the company for over 15 years and Shonetesha Quail has been with the company over 10 years. Lisa and Shonetesha both have different techniques when managing their teams. The results of the two different teams vary due to their different management styles.

The first question I asked to the supervisors was “Describe for me what you do and what steps you take to prepare for a new employee's first day at work?” Lisa responded by saying that she is a team leader of about 15 people. She makes sure that every team member is following the sales process, monitor their average handling time, monitors their hold time, their close rates on various products the consultants sell, send out various reports to the team members, participate on conference calls to see where the office stands in the district, and observe calls for different metrics they rate each consultant.

Lisa stated she has not experienced a new employee in the past three years. However when a new employee comes on board she presents to them what she expects from them and she makes sure she stays close that way the new employee can become comfortable with their new position. Lisa stated that she wants to make sure that the new employee has the knowledge to be a successful sales consultant.

Shonetesha’s response was very similar to Lisa’s because they are required to do many of things that Lisa stated. For example, they have to observe so many calls, they have to be present on various conference calls, they have to monitor their employees to make sure they are following the sales process, monitor hold and average handling time for the calls that come in, and they also have to make their team members aware of their...
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