Case Study 12-Selecting a Manager

Topics: Management, Politics of Nigeria, Procedural knowledge Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: July 3, 2008
To: Human Resources Director
From:, Student
Date: February 14, 2007
Victoria Oilfield Equipment is looking to open a new facility in Nigeria and needs to hire a new manager to get the facility up and running. Cause
Since Victoria Oilfield is growing in the international market, the new Port Harcout facility in Nigeria needs a leader to aid in its start. Some of the challenges that Victoria Oilfield will face while searching for a good managerial candidate are lack of job knowledge and experience. They will also face other adversities and limitations due to the geographic location of the new facility. These include dealing with the Nigerian government and the fact that the company lacks a trained foreign staff. Things will be potentially complicated as the company currently has no experience in Africa. There are three strong candidates in the running: Henry Smith, Juan Lopez, and Matthew Ohwueme. Each of the candidates have unique qualities that would help them run the facility efficiently. It is up to Victoria to decide which qualities are more important in how they relate to running a facility. Solution

I conclude that Juan Lopez is the best candidate for this position in Nigeria. He has previous experience of running an international facility as well as experience at the company headquarters. During the time he was at the company headquarters, he worked in planning operations in Latin America, thus giving him crucial foreign leadership experience. This will be good for him to use in order to get the new facility off to a great start. For a new international facility to run successfully it is imperative that the manager has job knowledge to be able to teach the new workers how to run the facility. In this case Juan Lopez has the most knowledge of the business and the oil equipment.
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