Management Techniques for Fast Growth

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Management Techniques for Fast Growth

What is a Manager?

Why does your department need a Manager? Do all departments in our organisation have Departmental Managers? Ie Customer Services, Number Matrix.

Within Free Phones/ST1000 there are only 2 departments with managers, Mobile Sales and Insurance Sales. Both of these Departments can be considered sales that require the hands on leadership on a minute by minute basis we call Management. So why is this? Why does a Sales Department require a manager where other departments don’t? Is this because they are so unruly that left to their own devises they would start a riot? I think not.

So what is the role of a Sales Manager and why are they so important in every sales organisation?

There are several different styles or ‘schools’ of thought on this subject.

There are 4 basic functions of management

1. Plan
2. Organise
3. Lead
4. Control

These four fundamentals will control your day to day business but fail to reflect the new reality of the workplace.

Theory X Management: This is the ‘tough guy’ style. It works on the basis that all staff are inherently lazy and need to be constantly threatened with the sack before they will perform. The fear principle is effective but only on a short term basis. Build a fire under them and they will jump very high but soon burn out. Build a fire within them and that will power them on for years to come.

Theory Y Management: This style assumes that your staff will want to do a good job. They take pride in what they do, respect you as a manager and want to do the best they can for you and the Company. This style of management comes from proving yourself and gaining their respect. It takes longer to achieve but has lasting results.

Theory XY Axis Management: This style sits somewhere in the middle of the two previous styles and swings like a pendulum from one to the other as the need arises. As we all know people will not...
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