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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Please staple this sheet to the front of each assignment. Please complete all details clearly.

|Assignment Details: (PLEASE WRITE IN BLOCK LETTERS) | |Subject Name: |MANAGING PEOPLE | |Unit(s) of Competence: |BSBHRM402A & BSBMGT502B | |Student ID: |201122777 | |College: |ACT | |Assignment Title: |ASSIGNMENT 1: Q & A (ONLINE SUBMISSION) | |Teacher’s Name: |MUNSHI SHAMSUZZAMAN IRFAN |

|Declaration: I declare that, except where acknowledgement of sources is made, the work contained in this assignment is my own or, in the| |case of group work, that of my group. | |Student’s Signature: --------------Ahram Kim--------------------- |Date: -------21/10/11------------------------- |

|Marks Obtained: | | Competent / Not Yet Competent | | | |(Please circle) | | | | |Assessed By: --------------------------------- |Signature: ------------------------------------------ |

(--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acknowledgement Receipt
(Student must retain this for future reference)

|Student’s Name: |Ahram Kim |Student ID: |201122777 | |Subject Name: |Managing People |Date Due: |21/10/2011 | |Assignment Title: |Assignment 1: Q & A |Signature: | | |Teacher’s Name: |Munshi Shamsuzzaman Irfan |Date Submitted: | |


Please provide the answers of all the questions. All questions must be answered with appropriate or related examples.


1. Write a sample offer letter of Employment and should state the details of the position, include the wages and salary and commencement date (finishing date if it is fixed term).need to specify if it got any special arrangement such as Dress, travel possible week end or night shift. The letter should be in friendly and welcoming. (7 Marks)

Welcome to our very innovative and friendly company!

We are really pleased to let you know that we decided to work with you. After having interview we decided you are the right secretary whom we were looking for this position. We look forward to it will be a good news for you.

You will work full time which is Monday to Friday. Our company work starts 9 am to 5 pm normally but you are supposed to come up until 8:30 am. In the morning before Kevin (your boss, Marketing department vice president) comes to his office, you should do prepare something for the day such as checking e-mail, voice message, report and...
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