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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Managed Care Organizations
Guiseppina Saieva
Kaplan University

Managed Care Organizations

Aetna's managed care organization mission is to help people find quality health care at a low cost so they can achieve financial security and maintain a healthy status. They work with doctors, hospitals, employers, patients, public officials, and others so they can build a stronger health care system for the public (Aetna Inc, 2001). Humana's managed care organization helps the public find out how their government works and how they can get involved (Humana, 2012). Humana helps deliver new innovations and they provide guidance to the public so that they can make health care and health benefit decisions. United Health Group managed care organization as a goal of helping people get healthier by helping to improve the health care system. United Health group has products and services that empowers individuals, expand consumer choice and strengthens patient-provider relationships across the health care spectrum (UnitedHealth Group, 2013).

Aetna has many plans like HMO which provides lower co-pays, PPO, which is lower monthly payments with a deductible, PPO value, which has lower monthly premiums and quality care, high deductible PPO, which provides lower monthly payments and a health savings account, Preventive and Hospital Care, POS and HNO, which are both lower monthly payments with a deductible and broader coverage, and Aetna Whole Health, which is also broader coverage with lower monthly payments and deductibles (Aetna Inc, 2001). Humana has a high deductible plan, PCA plan which typically don't require co-payments, Coverage First which provides coverage for basic healthcare and protection for unexpected injuries or illnesses, PPO plan which provides coverage when you go to out of network providers, HMO health maintenance organization, POS which reduces your out of pocket expenses, Humana Classic where your costs are the same for any...
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