Management Information Systems

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1) What is the first level of the Capability Maturity Model? a. Initial
b. Repeatable
c. Defend
d. Optimizing
(Answer a. Initial)
2) What is the organizational role most responsible for the analysis and design of info systems? a. System Analyst
b. Quant Developer
c. Technical Support Associate
d. The Best Buy Geek Squad
(Answer a. System Analyst)
3) What is software that is designed to process data for users in an organization? a. Application Software
b. Keyboard
c. Wifi
d. Wii
(Answer a. Application Software)
4) Which of the following is an input device?
a. Keyboard
b. Printer
c. Desk
d. Report
(Answer a. Keyboard)
5) Which of the following is an output device?
a. Keyboard
b. Printer
c. Mouse
d. Touch Screen
(Answer b. Printer)
6) Which of the following are principles of software development? a. Use a problem solving approach
b. Do not talk to anyone else
c. Make all decisions with no input from anyone.
d. Never listen to the users
(Answer a. Use a problem solving approach)
7) Which of the following is a characteristic of a prototype? a. Small scale
b. Fully complete
c. Regular size
d. Includes error check
(Answer a. Small scale)
8) What tool can be used to make a sample database?
a. Microsoft Word
b. Microsoft Access
d. Lotus Notes
 (Answer b. Microsoft Access)
9) Which of the following is a Traditional Method of Collecting System Requirements? a. Television
b. Google
c. Questionnaire
d. Hiring a developer from a rival firm
(Answer c. Questionnaire)
10) Which of the following is part of the requirements analysis phase of system development? a. Prioritize system requirements
b. Authorize he project to continue
c. Create a project plan
d. Estimate project cost
(Answer a. Prioritize system requirements)

1 - What is SDP?
a. system development process
b. a set of activities, methods, best practices, deliverables, and automated tools that stakeholders use to develop to continuously improve information systems and software. c. both A and B
d. none of the above
(Answer: C)
2 - What is decomposition?
a. the process of breaking the description of a system down into small components b. the breakdown of organic substances
c. the process of completely destroying a system
d. none of the above
(Answer: A)
3 - What is CMM?
a. Capability Maturity Model
b. Corporate Maturity Model
c. standardized framework for assessing the maturity level of an organization's information system development and management processes & products d. both A and C
(Answer: D)
4 - What is the first principle of System Development?
a. use a problem-solving approach
b. get the system users involved
c. establish phases & activities
d. document throughout development
(Answer: B)
5 - What does "PIECES" stand for?
a. Programming, Information, Economies, Computers, Efficiency, Service b. Performance, Information, Economies, Control, Efficiency, Security c. Performance, Information, Economies, Control, Efficiency, Service d. none of the above

(Answer: C)
6 - What is an example of a repositry?
a. a location or set of locations where system analysts, system designers, and system builders keep all of the documentation associated with one or more systems or projects b. network directory of computer generated files

c. both A and B
d. none of the above
(Answer: C)
7 - What is a prototype?
a. a complete first version
b. the finished application
c. a non-functioning example
d. a small-scale, incomplete, but working sample
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