Management Information System

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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-the original type of information system developed to support managerial decision. Management Reporting Alternatives
Four major reporting alternatives provided by MIS
* Periodic Scheduled Reports
Example: daily or weekly sales analysis reports
monthly financial statements.
* Exception Reports
* Demand Reports and Responses
* Push Reporting
-enables managers and analyst to interactively examine and manipulate large amounts of detailed and consolidated data from many perspectives. OLAP involves basic analytical operations:
* Consolidation
* Drill-down
* Slicing and Dicing
OLAP Examples
Common Business areas where OLAP can solve complex problems include: * Marketing and sales analysis
* Clickstream data
* Database marketing
* Budgeting
* Financial reporting and consolidation
* Profitability analysis
* Quality analysis
Geographic Information and Data Visualization Systems
* Geographic Information System (GIS) – is DSS that uses geographic databases to construct and display maps, as well as other graphics displays that support decisions affecting the geographical distribution of people and other resources. * Data Visualization Systems (DVS)- represent data using interactive, three- dimensional, graphical forms such as charts, graphs and maps.

FIGURE 10.16 Four basic types of analytical modelling activities in using DSS Types of Analytical Modeling| Activities and Examples|
What- if analysis| Observing how changes to selected variables affect other variables.| Sensitivity analysis| Observing how repeated changes to a single affect variables| Goal-seeking analysis| Making repeated changes to selected variables until a chosen variable reaches a target value.| Optimization analysis| Finding an optimum value for selected variables given certain constraints.|...