Management Information System

Topics: Business process reengineering, Management, Process management Pages: 42 (12620 words) Published: September 23, 2009
Table Of Contents:

a.What is Business / organization
b.Business management Challenge – Management planning for organization changes

B)Business and IT systems
a.How it can transform organization
b.Linking IT systems to business plan
c.Establishing organizational information requirement
d.System development and organization change

C)Business Process Engineering and Process Improvement
a.Business Process Engineering
b.Effective Engineering – How to do
c.Process improvement and quality management

D)Business System Development
a.System Analysis Design
i.System Development
ii.Production and Development

b.Alternative System Building Approaches
i.Traditional System Life Cycle
iii.Application Software Packages
iv.End user development

E)Advance Business System Development
a.Object Orient Develop
b.Rapid Application Develop
c.Web Services
d.SOA – Service Oriented Architecture


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a.what is business/organization:

b.Business Management Challenges
As global competition continues to intensify, companies are seeking new ways to improve products and services as a means of attracting and holding customers. Additionally, improving staff productivity and information systems effectiveness is extremely important to reducing internal costs, reducing cycle times, raising productivity, and improving effectiveness. Many business turn to technology to solve their problems, only to discover that technology alone will not allow sustainable advantage. Business process redesign and a collaborative workforce culture are other approaches that offer great promise but are hard to realize. So solutions for that is work and offer sustainable, continuous improvement. In striving toward these goals, executives often find themselves asking questions such as: •How can our business become more productive through performance excellence practices? •Are our information systems becoming outdated?

Are we getting enough value from our processes, information systems and staff? •How can new approaches and technologies help us deliver products and services that will provide sustainable competitive advantage? •How can internet and client/server architectures help us improve customer and business staff access to critical data ?

How can we retain critical staff while maintaing reasonable controls on costs? •How can we identify better business requirements and turn them into useable systems.? •What approaches will allow...
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