Management Information System

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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The aim of an information management strategy is to:
A. Gain value from information resources.
B. None of the above.
C. Improve the quality of information resources.
D. Protect information resources.
E. Assign appropriate responsibilities for information resources.

An information policy is typically aimed at improving:
A. The utilization of data storage on servers.
B. A culture of knowledge sharing.
C. Errors from poor quality information.
D. Opportunities from better usage of information.
E. Openness of communications within an organization.

Information management strategy development uses starts with: A. Setting objectives.
B. Putting in place security control.
C. Reviewing current information resource characteristics and usage (an information audit). D. None of the above.
E. Defining responsibilities.

When developers start to acquire equipment or software, the __________ stage of the SDLC has been reached. A. Development
B. Design
C. Implementation
D. Needs analysis

Hardware that allows you to communicate wih your computer is called a/an A. Output device
B. Input device
C. Storage device

Which of the following system components is responsible for ensuring that the system is working to fulfill its objective? A. Processing.
B. Feedback.
C. Outputs.
D. Control.
E. Inputs.

In terms of a system, finished products and information are examples of: A. Outputs.
B. Processing.
C. Control.
D. Inputs.
E. Feedback.
Which is the data model
A. Relational
B. Hierarchical
C. Network
D. All of these
Which of the following is a problem of file management system? A. Difficult to update
B. Lack of data independence
C. Data redundancy
D. Program dependence
E. All of above

Which of the following is not true of the traditional approach to information processing A. There is common sharing of data among...
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