Management Decison Making

Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Managers should not be free to make decisions that are in the best interests of the company without worrying about employee reactions. New changes must be implemented. You must be able to grasp this concept to be competitive into today’s ever changing marketplace. Changes will be made in the best interests of the company. The implications and employee reactions and how you manage, plan, and the overall outcome is key part. The human dimension of change requires a workforce that is committed to quality and continuous improvement. Changes have an effect in employee attitudes, expectations, perceptions, and behaviors. Whatever external change agent there may be, whether it is a consultant or internal management figures. Employees and management need to recognize that the initiated is not doing it for personal reasons. There are both external and internal forces that create the need for change to remain successful. Managing change is the key factor. Unfreezing the status quo and changing the new idea is a large undertaking for every organization from small business, to corporate America. Resistance is normal in change. No one likes change, the feeling of uncertainty, habit, concern over personal loss, and the belief that the change is not in the organization’s best interest, are common reason that people dislike and have apprehension towards unfreezing the status quo. Change replaces the normalcy and that feeling of comfort with uncertainty. Change threatens the investment you’ve made in the status quo, some may fear losing status, money, authority, friendships, personal convenience, or other economic benefits valued. These are all normal reactions to change; reiterating how you decide to challenge these reactions effectively will depend on management. Stress is the immediate and unpleasant reaction people have to extreme pressure placed on them from new demands, constrains, or opportunities. Stress isn’t always bad; in fact some stress can be...
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