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Chapter 19
Creativity and innovation

Defining Creativity:

Creativity is the ability to generate original ideas or new perspectives on existing ideas. Overall, an idea must have a desirable impact on how organizational goals are accomplished. That is , an idea must be evaluated for positive impact on critical organizational factors like productivity, communication, coordination, or product quality.

Importance of Creativity in The organization:
Creativity involves seeing issues from different angles and breaking away from old rules and norms and bind us to traditional methods of accomplishing tasks. Creativity allows us to be different and helps us find new answers and solutions to problems, both old and new. Because creativity is the source of new ideas on how to meet such challenges, managers should view creativity as vita element for ensuring organizational success.

Creativity in Individuals:
Within each individual. Creativity is a function of threes components. These components are:

1. Expertise
2. Creative thinking skills.
3. motivation

1. Expertise: is everything an individual knows and can do in the broad domain of his or her work. This knowledge pertains to work-related techniques and procedures as well as thorough understanding of overall work circumstances.

2. Creative Thinking Skills: is the capacity to put existing idea together in new combinations. Overall, creative thinking determines how flexible and imaginatively individuals approach problems.

3. Motivation: refers to an individual’s need or passion to be creative. If an individual feels a need to be creative, that individual is more likely to do so.

Expertise and creative thinking are the individual’s raw material for being creative, but motivation determines whether or not an individual will actual e creative.

Increasing Creativity in Organization:
Creativity is a critical ingredient for meeting challenges in organization of all types. According, mangers hold conscientiously take specific action aimed at building creativity in organization. To encourage creativity in organization Managers should follow these: To encourage creativity in organizations, managers can . . .

. . . challenge workers:
To stimulate creativity, perhaps the most effective is providing organization members with an appropriate level of job related challenges. When people feel appropriately challenged, they seem almost naturally to search for new creative idea to help perform a job in an improved way.

. . . establish worker autonomy:
People tend to be more creative in their jobs if they have some freedom to influence the process used to perform their jobs.

. . . afford time for accomplishing work
The time pressure/creativity matrix tells how mangers can either encourage or discourage the likelihood of creative thinking in organizations depending upon how high and low time pressure are combined with various organizational factors.

. . . establish diverse work groups
It can create the more creativity in individuals because individuals come to meet with different people who have different ideas at one place.

. . . personally encourage workers
Managers should personally encourage organization members to e creative. And it can be verbally saying thank you, to awarding a creative achievement certificate of appreciation, to holding a creativity appreciation luncheon

. . . establish systems support
Establishing the systems support for creativity can help individuals in day to day emerging new ideas in an individual it constructs the procedure that helps him to increase his creative thinking.

. . . hire and retain creative people
Managers can attempt to hire and retain organization members who are creative. Although this tactic may should simple, it can be very difficult to implement.


Innovation is the process of applying a new idea to the improvement of organizational processor,...
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