Dances with Wolves

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Tenilla Forbes-Bousignac


Innovation, Design, & Creativity

For Competitive Advantage

February 25, 2013

Timothy Hoegemeyer

There are three different terms to know when a person or groups are in a business. They are innovation, design, and creativity. In order for a business to be successful it has to have all three areas cover in their organization. When looking at all three of the areas innovation, creativity, and design they all are alike by having to have building blocks to help develop the organization.

Innovation and creativity are interchangeable within each other. Innovation is finding new products, by helping the business to be more organizing, and help the business with the deliver performance. Implementation is also referred to as innovation also. When looking at all three of the areas innovation, creativity, and design they all are alike by having a building block to help the organization.

Creativity helps the organization to identify ideas and to produce ideas with the organization. Creativity also helps the organization in viewing information and materials in different areas.
After innovation, creativity there is design. Design is classified as the last step in the process. When looking at design businesses know the concept of design technology. Design is a decision making process. First, the businesses have to gather enough information from innovation and creativity. After the business gathers the information, next they take the information they receive and transform it into the outcome. Design is to come up with the best solution for the business.

When defining innovation, creativity, and design for business purposes they are all related to information technology. By having different technology in our business world it can help the organizations to share information at the same time through video conferencing, emails, and presentations.

Innovation, creativity, and design all are different in...
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