The Importance of Creativity

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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The Importance of Creativity
In today’s world, creativity is particularly desired. Creativity is a fundamental factor and is an important aspect for the continued success of any prosperous corporation. Most of the major corporations today have maintained their creativity and encourage their employees to be creative in order to survive the ever changing global economy. “In the past, creative individuals in a society were at best a mixed blessing-disdained, discouraged, even destroyed at the time of their breakthroughs” (Gardner 78). We live in a society where the good old fashioned answer to why things are done the way they are, is; we’ve always done it this way, does not suffice. People are constantly looking to improve and simplify their work without jeopardizing the quality of it. Most individuals are curious about how processes are developed and why they are developed in the manner that they are currently demonstrated. “Most individuals are dissatisfied with current work, current standards, current questions, current answers” (Gardner 83). If the answer an individual receive is not satisfactory, then he feels the need to make the current situation or system better. This is where the creative mind formulates new ideas, develops new ways of thinking and conceives startling remedies.

“IN OUR GLOBAL, wired society, creativity is sought after, cultivated, praised” (Gardner 77). Most individuals in major corporations or even smaller businesses are valued more when they think outside the box. Corporations foster an environment for creativity by encouraging and motivating their employees and praising them for a job well done. They are incentivized and are given bonuses, pay increases, special perks, as a reward for being creative because “he stands out in personality” (Gardner 83). Corporations encourage their employees to come up with new ideas and solutions to their task at hand. When people are allowed to be creative they unleash their intelligence, they feel...
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