The Potential Market for Apple Ipad in the Uk

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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The Potential Market for Apple iPad in the UK

Table of contents

2.0Creative thinking3
3.0Recommendations for successfully marketing iPad in the UK3

1.0 Introduction
After iSlate and iGuide, iPad as another tablet-shaped computer was launched by Apple. The various applications of the iPad are very attractive for customers, but it also has some shortcomings including high price and the same user interface as iPhone. The company prepares to set foot in the UK market. The purpose of this report is to identify how the iPad can be successfully marketed in the UK. Firstly, the main body of the report will briefly introduce creative thinking. Then, it will present the approaches for marketing iPad in the UK successfully. After that, it will make a conclusion in a few words.

2.0 Creative thinking
Creative thinking plays a significant part in constantly increasing the amounts of human knowledge, improving perceptivity of human being, as well as opening up new situation for practice. Creativity is the basis for generating innovation which is favorable to improve organizational competitiveness in the marketplace (Amabile, et al, 1996). It can be seen that creative thinking plays a significant role in the success or failure of new product or services in the market. Innovation can be driven by leadership, people management, knowledge management, and creativity management (Prajogo and Ahmed, 2006). The sources of creativity and innovation are people including customers, specialists, groups and teams, as well as individuals. Apple can be regarded as an innovative firm. Its innovation capacity comes from innovative chief executive. How to market its products creatively is very crucial for the success of product sales, which will be discussed in the next section.

3.0 Recommendations for successfully marketing iPad in the UK Marketing is the root for the survival and development of an organization. Over time, a large number of marketing approaches come to the market, including relationship marketing, direct marketing, service marketing, internet marketing, international marketing and brand marketing and so on. Successful product marketing should attach much importance to many aspects such as market demand, customer preference, price, and marketing mix and etc. The following paragraphs will suggest ways how the iPad can be marketed successfully in the UK.

In order to successfully marketing product or services in a new market, the first and most important thing for an organization to do is market research. In this way, the organization can better meet customer demands and preferences by analyzing market researching findings. In general, market research consists of four steps, that is, gathering the data, integrating the evidence, unraveling the insight, and telling the story (Rawlinson, 1970). It is known that iPhone has obtained remarkable success in the market. Owing to this, iPad has already employed the iPhone-style user interface (Johnson and Arthur, 2010). It is apparently that iPad is not creative in this aspect as a result of passive consumption. For successfully marketing, the company must attempt to persuade consumers to accept the uncommonness of the product. The key lies in how to promote its advantages overwhelming its advantages. As a whole, the company must explain clearly about the creation of the product so as to attract the attention of consumers. Otherwise, the marketing of the iPad will suffer from the impediment or even resistance from consumers.

In the next place, marketing strategy is one of important factors to help the organization to remain invincible in the increasingly dramatic market competition. The iPad can provide numerous applications for customers but not only limited to web browsing, email and reading e-books (Johnson and Arthur, 2010). At the beginning, Apple did not make a price for iPad in the UK market....
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